The Importance of Daycare for the Child’s Formative Years

Children aged 3 to 5 years of age need to start the process of socialization. They have to interact with children their age so they will be trained on how to respond according to their age to various stimuli. Play is an important part of their learning and
socialization and the daycare is the perfect environment.

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Early childhood education during this developmental stage should only be very light and children must feel like what they are doing is only playing when in fact it is already a form of ‘formal education’. The day care provides a play environment yet very educational. The place is full with educational toy materials that serve to stimulate the minds of the children.

The importance of play

Folkestonestreet, a Day Care in North Auckland provides educational toys to children not only to encourage them or to prevent tantrums but mainly to educate them. Toys are needed for child’s play and play is essential for healthy developments of mind and body. Play stimulates the brain to function well and at the same time play develops the fine and gross motor skills of toddlers. Daycare is an environment where children play with others. Through social interaction, they also develop their language skills. In fact, some parents are encouraged by Pediatricians and Developmental Psychologists whose toddlers are speech delay to enroll them in a daycare so they can socialize and talk to children their age.

Through play, toddlers learn to solve problems like fitting objects to their appropriate shapes, different kinds of smell and textures, among others. At daycare, the teachers make it appear to the toddlers that they are just playing when it fact they are already beginning their formal education through play.

How to choose the best daycare

The formative years are the most crucial years in a person’s life. Thus, be very discerning as it is the well-being of your child that is at stake here. Choose a center where the ratio between the teacher and toddler is not very wide. In this way, you can be confident that your toddler is receiving the best form of education as the teacher can focus on his/her strengths and weaknesses.

The center must also work hand in hand with the parents of the toddlers towards the proper mind and body developments of the toddlers. A daycare full of love means the toddler will grow up to be a responsible and sensitive person.

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