The Importance of Wedding Videos

Planning a wedding is very tedious. There is so much the needs to be done but there never seem to have enough time. Talk to a wedding planner and they can tell you it’s the little details that cause all the stress.

Couples always love the idea of having a slideshow during the wedding reception. The issue is that most couples think it’s either really hard to come up with a video or it’s incredibly expensive. Neither of those assumptions is correct. It’s actually very easy to have one made. As matter of fact, there are Sydney video production companies online that can make videos for you.

Here are some things to search for when looking for a video production company.

  • You have to be extremely careful here. Lots of companies market cheap rates, however, they don’t tell you about all the hidden costs. For example – Company “X” may say that they only charge $99.00 for a video. But if you read the small print they charge an additional $2.00 per image for scanning and another $1.00 for each image improvement. And even charge you for a sneak peek. So what you thought to be a $99.00 video can actually be a $500.00.
  • Sneak Peek. It’s definitely important that you get to see it prior to showing the video on the big day. Previewing the slideshow permits you to make sure you love all the titling, screen transitions, and picture shifts. You want it to be exactly the way you want it. Some couples would like to be surprised though, so you can actually ask your best man or your matron of honor to check out the video on your behalf and let them work alongside with the production.
  • Montages videos might look “high tech” but they are entirely inappropriate for weddings. A wedding slideshow needs to be refined and elegant. They require streaming from one photo to the next with sophistication and grace.

Wedding videos are a love story – the story of you and your bride. This slideshow never fails to leave you and your guests emotional and overjoyed.

Keep in mind; you want your wedding to be special. You want your guests to remember your wedding with joy and romance. You want it to be a memorable experience. What better method than with a video that features your love story.

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