The Perfect Hostel for a Nomad

If you are in the prime of your youth and being a digital nomad is your way of life, you can definitely say that finding a youth hostel is one of the most important aspects of living life the nomadic way.

Choosing the Hostel


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Aside from a highly reliable Wi-Fi connection, the hostel must have a decent place to sleep in. By “decent”, it doesn’t mean fancy beddings, unlimited coffee and air conditioning among other things. You’ll be surprised at how varied your options can be. Some are even lucky to have a “decent” bed without anything crawling in it.

If you are going to be a nomad, you have to prepare for the worst. Since you are living on a tight budget, you have to make every penny count. Remember, a fancy youth hostel without internet is worthless compared to a hostel with a thin mattress, an electric fan and a fast and stable internet connection.

For someone who relies on the internet for a living, internet connection should be your prime consideration for choosing a place to stay. If you can find a place that’s less than fifty dollars but with a lightning fast connection, then that’s a gem.

For others, they make comfort a primary consideration. But being the digital nomad that you are, you have a limited option – if you really wish to stretch out your budget. It is of extreme importance to have emergency funds in case whatever happens when you are in the outdoors.

Where to Find It

To save time, and to save yourself from a lot of sweat, it is best to search for the internet. A lot of websites offer reputable youth hostels all over the world. These websites include Airbnb and Couch Surfing. It is highly advisable that you contact the host family first to confirm the availability.

Check all the available offers in a specific place before choosing the one that you will be staying with. Don’t be afraid to try out hostels or homes that have little, or no reviews – for these might be a potential haven waiting to be discovered. You’ll also find that these are cheaper than those hostels that have a proven track record already. But if you want to be on the safe side, you can always go with the trusted and proven bed and breakfasts and other hostels.

Just be sure to confirm your appointment before flying to your destination.

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