The Process of Concrete Polishing

If you are looking for both a long lasting and durable floor option then concrete polishing may be a good option for you. Polished concrete floors can last over 100 years if you maintain them properly. Other floors like tile only last ten to 20 years when not maintained. It can be done to new concrete flooring or flooring that has already been there and fitted. It gives a beautiful finish to the concrete with its glossy and shiny exterior appearance.

Beginning the Polishing

A concrete floor is cut with varying levels of diamond abrasive grits depending on how glossy you prefer the finish of the floor to be. Concrete polishing can be done either wet or dry.  Dry grinding is easier because no slurry is created in the process. There is an issue with dry grinding however. It can expose workers to silica dust that is harmful. Wet grinding doesn’t have this side effect. The disposing of the slurry can be hazardous if not done properly though. You then apply a densifier once the concrete is opened up and is in a condition to accept it.



Diamond Polishing

Concrete Polishing done by diamond polishing can I’ll be a very time consuming endeavour. There are ten to fifteen steps involved. You start with a 16 or 30 grit diamond and finish with either a 1500 or 3000 grit diamond. The level depends on the gloss used. They are impregnated inside a resin or metal bonded segment. A densifier is used to harden the concrete surface. This prepares it to be polished. You can use a few different densifiers like lithium or potassium sodium silicates. They also us a grouting chemical during the process to fill in cracks or imperfections that were exposed from the initial grinding. A natural looking impregnating sealer is applied to the pores of the concrete to prevent staining from spills.

You Can Do New Floors or Retrofit Floors

To do concrete polishing the concrete can have a decorative element to it beforehand like river stone, granite and black basalt mix. The concrete needs to be highly finished before the polishing begins. You can drop any glass or sea shell chips right into the surface of the concrete. You need to tell your contractor early on that it is to be polished as early as possible before beginning so that it is able to be turned into high quality flooring. New floors cost less. You can also polish a pre-existing floor by cutting or sanding the natural aggregate on the existing floor slab.

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