The Water Therapy

Hydrotherapy is a term referring to the use of water to treat diseases and chronic disorders. This is a technique from the ancient civilization of the Greeks and Romans, proven to be functional and quite the healing technique. The treatment is offered in the best day spa Sydney.

Among some of them are saunas, these are small rooms used as steam baths. This treatment uses dry heat obtained by pouring water on heated stones. Saunas have many benefits. The steam induces sweating; perspiration is one of the ways the body uses to expel waste from the body. Toxins and chemicals that come into contact with a human body each day are flushed out by doing the sauna. It equally enhances blood flow to muscles and thus more oxygen to the muscles; this improves cardiovascular health.

Other forms of the therapy include watsu, Vichy shower, thalassotherapy and whirlpool baths and wraps. Watsu is a Chinese word; this one combines massage and dance like movements in the water. Other day spas involve running in the water as a form of Watsu. It is meant to harness one’s flexibility and fluidity o their movement in the water. This eventually brings about relaxation and is also a form of healing; of physical and spiritual healing. Watsu has an effect on the mind, body and soul.

Body wraps are a common practice of thalassotherapy at day spa. This treatment came about from the argument that our bodies have a particular concentration of salinity and exposing it to marine environment will help it find its balance and equilibrium. The seaweed body wrap is a seaweed and clay body mask combined with a deep cleansing body wrap that draws out toxins from the skin. He hydra-quench remineralizing body wrap is another form. Here the client is made to relax in a warm cocoon rich with seawater minerals and essential oils.

Hydrotherapy has some health benefits based on its thermal and mechanical effects. It makes use of the body’s reaction to hot and cold stimuli and the pressure exerted by water to the body. It is a known treatment of bone-related diseases such as arthritis. This is due to is low-impact nature, it is one of the most successful therapies. In addition, it helps in pain relief, to strengthen muscles and improve balance. The heat in the water quiets and soothes the body and slow down internal organs’ activities, This phenomenon is used in relieving tense muscles. Cool water stimulates internal body activity. Hydrotherapy also treats many illnesses and is equally offered in day spa. Make it your goal to try it out.

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