Tile and Grout Cleaning Services

Cleaning and scrubbing floors are not easy. The job is messy and time-consuming. Plus, you do not usually get the results that you want as removing dirt from the grout is quite impossible if you do not have the proper cleaning tools. Good thing you can hire professional cleaners from tile and grout cleaning services agency. They have all the right cleaning materials that will transform your tiles from dull to shiny and the grouts from dirty to clean and free from any discolorations.

Grouts are made from very porous materials which mean that can easily get penetrated. That is why you will notice that the discoloration on the grouts is pretty hard to remove even with heavy brushing. The professional cleaners from the tile and grout cleaning services agency employ the latest technology when it comes to removing the dirt and discoloration from the grouts.


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The procedure in tile and grout cleaning

1)     The professional cleaners will arrive at your place and inspect the severity of dirt on the tiles and grout to determine which cleaning method is best suited.

2)     Then the combination of steam cleaner and vacuum cleaner will be used in order to take-off all dirt and germs from the grouts and tiles. The use of high pressure water cleaner is used in tile and grout cleaning services. This procedure will loosen up the dirt from the tiles as well as from the pores of the grouts. The use of a cleaning wand is what makes the cleaning done by the professionals very effective. This is totally safe and friendly to the tiles and grout as it won’t lead to any cracks or damage to the tiles.

3)     And when the tiles and grouts are totally clean, the professional cleaners from the tile and grout cleaning services will then apply a solution that will protect the tiles and grout from easily contracting dirt and germs. The solution will also make the tiles shiny and the grouts become whiter. This solution is very effective in sealing the grout to prevent germs from entering the very porous nature of the grouts.

4)     The professional cleaners from the tile and grout cleaning services will apply a grout sealant that is colored for grouts that are totally dirty and cannot be remedied. This is the most effective way in restoring the original looks of the grouts.

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