Tree Cutting Effects

In the world today, scholars have prioritized critical evaluation of each activity outlining both its advantages and disadvantages. One of the activities that many have ventured into is tapping from the resources of nature such as naturally-existing minerals and natural resources such as food from plants acquired through farming activities as well as mining. One other activity which is eminent is the tree cutting business venture which has seen great profits based on the high demand for timber and wood products. However, it is important that the advantages and disadvantages of this activity be analyzed closely to make a wise choice in whether or not tree cutting is needful.

Trees are natural habitats for wild animals and insects. Clusters of trees which are found as forest cover on our lands are the forests which are natural homes. This is why tree cutting activities is more of a disadvantage than an advantage as brought forward by environmentalists. Cutting of trees destroys the homes of tons of organisms which occur naturally in sync with the environment. With this said, it is evident that tree cutting is destruction to the natural habitat of many wild organisms.

Trees play a major role in the natural ecological system which cannot go ignored. They are natural recycling plants, turning atmospheric carbon dioxide into oxygen in a natural process called photosynthesis. This is important because the natural balance of atmospheric gases is restored by these organisms against which humanity seems to have signed a death warrant. Trees are of far greater importance that they have been accorded.

Trees are also a major source of food in form of fruits and some insects which are harbored by them. Naturally, those who destroy such trees use them in burning for charcoal as well as primary fuel in form of firewood. This destruction of the natural system by setting in an imbalance in unacceptable. Tree cutting without replacement is unwise. There is also the factor of time where even reforestation will not fully narrow the gap created as trees planted will need tie to mature into fully grown organisms. It is a great disappointment that mankind has continued to hurt the environment at the expense of the comfort for future generations. Protecting the environment, especially protecting the trees in our natural environment, will go a long way in ensuring that future generations are comfortable, without having to face the wrath of Mother Nature and mother earth. Tree cutting is destruction and destruction is unacceptable.

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