Types of Energy Healing Techniques – How Energy Can Be Transferred


Throughout the history and throughout the world people have used various energy healing techniques to heal each other. But these ways of transferring energy when stripped down of all the ornaments of each culture, boil down to the following most basic techniques:

  1. Touch. One of the most common ways of transfer in energy healing techniques, by touching the patient, an energy healer establishes a direct line in which he could transfer his energy to the patient. This is seen in massage, reiki and in fact, any use of the hands. In fact, this is not limited to professional healers. Day to day, ordinary people transfer energy to one another by touching. This is why we feel better after a hug or less afraid when someone holds our hand.
  1. Vibration. This energy healing technique involve the fast movements of small elements both in and out of the body. These involve even those unseen like sound and light and thoughts. This is seen in sound therapy or therapies involving sound bowls.
  1. Mind. This is one of the most common target of energy healing techniques. It involves our thoughts and the intentions of the healer. Because this is in another dimension, it can be used even if the healer and the patient are far away from each other as is during prayer, blessings or telepathy.
  1. Channeling. This   energy healing technique involves channeling energy from an unseen element (may be a God, a spirit, etc.). The healer serves as the channel between the element and the patient.
  1. Chakra. This method aims to remove blocks and keep the energy within the body flowing. The most known of all, the 7 energy centers of the body are the ones manipulated by healers to clear the body of unwanted and negative energy.
  1. Meridians. In this method, the healer focuses on the long currents of the body which control the different bodily functions. This include acupuncture and osteopathy among others.

As you can see, there are many different energy healing techniques available whether you want to be a specialized healer or a patient waiting to be healed. Research about the ones available in your area. You can find them in traditional healing centers or go around the world to find unique ones. Find the one you are most comfortable with. But the most important technique is first to believe. Do not resist energy. Understand it. Begin by wanting to heal yourself as well. Get rid of the negative energy by letting go of bad thoughts. Let the light in so you can share it with others.

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