Types of pest control

Pest control teams are present in order to help their clients control and possibly eliminate the pests that threaten their health, safety and property. Their help is often needed when signs of destruction or the presence of any animals deemed as pests are slowly making its way known for home or business owners which should be tended to as soon as possible otherwise more problems will surely follow. There are three known types of pests control which will help determine what proper method should be used. Here are three different types of pest control applications and what each can do when it is being used.


When you think of the word biological pest control, what would come to mind? The biological way of clearing out pests is not so complicated and dangerous as it may sound. In this manner, the termites and other pest can be controlled without having to risk any form of negative environmental impact as pest control is often linked with poisonous chemicals that should be handled with care. With the aid of this type of controlling pests, there are several options for a team to use such as predatory or parasitoid animals or insects, microorganisms and even plants can be used.



The physical type of pest control lays its focus on the protection and corporeal prevention of the area from the pests who will have access to the area in one way or another. With that said, this method may require catching and containing the said pests as well as the building of barriers to deny them entry to the area they want to have access to. While this is primarily used for farms as it is a safe way of removing pests without having to endanger the crops with pesticides, some techniques can also be used for homes, especially protective termite barriers.


Another type of pest control is the mechanical method of clearing an area from pests. The mechanical way of keeping pests at bay is by using machines that can change the temperature of the area, electric fences and even barriers. This type of pest control is currently being tried and tested in farms and several ways of using this method is being studied in order to improve several parts of it in order to make it a safe and effective manner of controlling pests in farms as is another manner for farmers to avoid using pesticides on their fruit, vegetables and other products.

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