Typical Job Description Of A Plumber

If you aspire to join the plumbing industry, know that the job can be well paying. However, it has its fair share of drawbacks. As you will be on your feet most of the time, discover the typical job description of plumbers before you join the physically demanding industry.

For all jobs assigned, you must be knowledgeable with your profession. Since there are risks involved, you cannot gamble with your safety or with the safety of home occupants. In this regard, you must have exception knowledge of all plumbing tools and equipment.

Installation of water systems

By the time you obtain a license from the regulator in your jurisdiction, you will have already completed hundreds of hours of plumbing work as an apprentice. These tasks involve physical work as you install water systems in new buildings. Examples include piping, water valves, water meters, pumps, heating, ventilation, and air condition systems among others.

Most plumbers work in domestic environments where homeowners or tenants need their services. For example, you will typically have to fix appliances such as cooking ranges, gas fire machines, washing machines, showers and kitchen sinks.

You will typically be called to people’s homes, businesses, hospitals, schools, commercial factories and other properties for the installation. Evidently, you will make good use of all practical skills-whether inborn or acquired.

Other responsibilities include installing fireproof materials especially in the chimneys of commercial and residential kitchens. Due to the high risk that plumbers face, you must always be dressed in protective equipment. Examples are fireproof gloves, coats and overalls, solid boots, and protective helmets among others.

Repair and maintenance of water systems

Since water supply systems can develop problems any time, be ready to be called to diagnose and solve these problems. Therefore, your problem solving and critical thinking skills will be tested. To convince the clients without the intervention of seasoned plumbers, you need to have proper customer service and communication skills.

Meanwhile, you need to advise the homeowners about their own safety and the safety of the house’s water supply and heating systems. Know that different people have different personalities and temperaments. Therefore, discover a courteous way to approach them.

During cold seasons, you can almost always expect water systems to develop faults. If these faults are not fixed, the homeowner may have to buy brand new systems. To prevent him from this headache, you will need to respond to his distress call promptly and repair the damage effectively.

Your knowledge, skills, and experience will elevate you through the ranks of the plumbing career. Therefore, ensure utmost diligence for supervisory plumbers to commend you. Once you become a master plumber, you can start your own company and employ other people.

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