Ways to Reduce Dust in Your House

The dust inside your home may trigger allergies and cause diseases, making it difficult to habitate in your place. While using an air purifier may reduce them, there are other ways to prevent them from occuring. Here are some:

  • Clean or Upgrade Your Air Filters

If you have a heater and air conditioner in your home, you need to clean and change their filters regularly. This to control the dust level in the air. Moreover, air filters that are free from dirt can help prevent damage to your heating or cooling system. It can keep your utility bills low too.

  • Vacuum Often and Properly

Vacuuming your house help limit allergens in your place. So, vacuum your room thoroughly once a week. In addition, make sure to replace your filter, too. You can opt to HEPA filters as these can absorb more dirt.

  • Microfibre Cloth

Don’t use an old t-shirt or a feather duster when cleaning. Instead, use a microfibre or electrostatic cloths. As unlike these things, microfibre can capture the dust and prevent them from moving around. These come in various shapes and lengths so you can also use these for your blinds and ceiling fans.

  • Clean Bedding and Replace Pillow Cushions Weekly

Bed sheets and cushions can serve as a major collector of dust. That’s why you should wash them every week to keep dust under control and eliminate dust mites. You can clean these with warm water.

  • Hardwood Flooring

Compared to carpets, solid wood flooring does not trap dust, pollen or other allergens. This will help you improve your indoor air quality and avoid getting diseases. Moreover, they are easy to maintain, long-lasting and durable, so you will save more money in terms of purchasing cleaning solutions and replacement. No wonder why this is becoming popular to homeowners nowadays. If you are interested and want to have this, just contact iFlooring.

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