Web Design Trends in 2016

The internet, one of the biggest technology ever created by man, albeit arguably has changed the game for good, and can be said to have come to stay. It is one of the biggest influencing technologies in recent years. As with the internet itself, web design has evolved over the years and has becomes one of the greatest platforms through which creativity is showcased. Years along the line, trends have changed and have become even more sophisticated over time. With this in mind, here are some of the design trends that have emerged and those that are looking to surge into prominence in the modern day.

  • Bold Color Patterns. The internet world has gone colorful. A lot of people nowadays tend to prefer bolder color patterns than simple and muted color combinations that used to be commonplace. The biggest brands and websites of the world have tilt in the same direction lately. Nobody wants to be left out you bet.
  • Material design language. We all speak material. Material design was built by google in the year 2014 and has since stirred a change that you could be forgiving for terming as disruptive with shadows and subtle animations which emphasizes interactions. Web designers have adopted this technology en masse. This is surely one that gives web design a facelift.
  • Sticker animations. GIFs have taken the world by storm in recent years, changing our animations along. Websites have been rendered even sleeker with this helpful trend. Looking to the social media, one wouldn’t help noticing how much commonplace GIFS have become. A picture they say, speaks a thousand words — one would argue that sticker animations, even better. This explains why captions with sticker animations get given a better look at than those without. This sure ranks among the game changers in web design, and surely deserves its space.
  • Notifications and personalization. A few websites these days support push notifications from the likes of Chrome and few others who are still adopting the technology. Websites that so much depend on content sharing will find this a lot more helpful. Along with it comes the ability to personalize. There is no arguing that web design has really come of age, especially in recent times, but, should anyone want to point in the opposite direction, this is one that will put to bed all arguments, even long before they are articulated.

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