If you run a website, it is very crucial for you to continuously work on improving it in order to get a steady traffic and also satisfy your visitors for high repeat visit rates. See Website Designers Sydney

We already know how important keywords are for website optimisation.One of the most important ways of making your website more visible on search engines is to use keywords and there are plenty of tools that you can use to select keywords that work effectively for website optimisation. The Wordstream Free Keyword Tool has thousands of keyword suggestions and ideas from a database of over a trillion keywords. This is one of the best keyword tools available online and even surpasses some of paid ones. Mobile Apps

Other tools like Keyword Eye Basic, Youtube Keyword Tools and Übersuggest are also terrific tools for developing keywords or long tail phrases. So, do check them all out before making a decision.


It is extremely crucial for a website to have high quality content that is regularly updated to keep the visitors interested and wanting them to come back. A website with spun, duplicate or cheap content will hardly be found on top of search engine pages. Thankfully, there are various tools online that will help you in developing good content. Anchor Text Over Optimization Tool is one such tool, it helps in identifying your anchor text’s diversity and highlights those area that risk over-optimization for manual review.

You should also consider using Word to clean HTML which is a free tool to convert the documents created using Microsoft Word and other office software. It removes invalid or proprietary tags, leaving only a clean HTML that can be used in websites and ebooks.

Copyscape is another great tool that can help you develop unique content. It is an anti-plagiarism tool that detects whether there’s similar text content is available anywhere else on the web. It lets you enter a URL to check for duplicates and verify the originality of your content.

Now let’s look at some technical yet simple tools. You can use Xenu’s Link Sleuth which is one of the most important tools in website optimisation. It’s an open source tool used to check for broken links on your website. Just give the URL and it will do the rest. Its other uses include checking for duplicate content, missing alt text, site structure, page depth and a lot more.

Title and Description Optimization Tool is another important tool for effective website optimisation. It helps by giving out an insight on what your top ranking competition is using for titles and description, allowing you to tweak meta description tags and optimize title tags.


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