Wedding photographers’ Mistakes and How to Become Better

During a wedding photo shoot, it is normal for a wedding photographer to commit mistakes but those mistakes are correctible or can be addressed immediately. The following are some of the mistakes the photographers commit and there are also tips for wedding photographers on how to avoid these mistakes.

1. Wedding photographers, especially the beginners are mostly inexperience. If you are hired as a wedding photographer by your relatives because they just know that you have skills in photography but you are not a professional one, then you can be considered a beginner. It is important for you to know exactly your strength and weakness as a photographer and establish or develop your skills and capabilities especially if you are being paid as a wedding photographer. Say personally and truthfully to your clients what are your experiences or even when you do not have any experiences. In this way, you will not put your name on the bad light and also you do not put your clients or possible clients into a difficult and awkward situation.

As a beginner, you need to prepare your equipment that is needed for wedding photo session. It is also important that you already know how to use these equipment before conducting a wedding photo session. It looks unprofessional for you to try all of those equipments during the wedding photo session. If you cannot handle the responsibility as a main photographer, ask the clients to put you as second photographer where you can shoot the alternative angles. It is good if you could be honest with your clients.

2. Wedding photographers, especially beginners usually produce photographs with poor exposure. Important part of the photo subject especially if your subject is the bride is her white gown. Photographers should take note and do everything to make the exposure as good as real one. Photographers often commit mistakes in giving high or low exposure to the wedding gown which in result turns the wedding gown into something of pure white with no details or a wedding gown with grayish color. You need also to take into considerations the suit of the groom. You need to establish its design and sophistication by just of the mere photograph that is why you need how to handle or correct proper exposure. Make sure to use equipment such as reflector if you are shooting under the sun or even if in the dark places.


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