What Happens During A Wedding

A Tahiti wedding is one of the most romantic and happy moments for a couple. This is where their union as husband and wife is already accepted and acknowledged by the government and their religion. Surely, there will be lots of happenings that might make you cry or laugh or even be sad during a wedding.


Some couple want to wed on a garden filled with butterflies and striking flowers, on a church where many folks believed as God’s place or home or, the couples will choose a beach wedding where you will smell the weird yet sensual ocean scents and hear those lovely sounds from waves, congratulating them on their big day. See Tahiti wedding packages.

With that, here are some of the happenings that you might surely observe during a Tahiti wedding:

  1. Proud parents of the groom. Without a doubt, you will see the groom’s parents laughing and smiling real hard. They have the pride in their eyes, thinking that their son is the best son and husband. You can feel the happiness as if you are the parents because, if it is possible, they will bring an entire tarpaulin congratulating their son for a job well done.
  1. Crying mother of the bride. Who wouldn’t notice the bride’s mom? She will constantly dab her wet eyes with a handkerchief and constantly blow her nose. It’s as if she is very sad that her daughter will go away and make a family on her own but don’t get tricked by it! She is surely happy about it that she has no idea how to express it but cry.
  1. Emotional best friends. They will be crying because of happiness as for the first time since her best friend met her boyfriend and now her husband, the bride will no longer pester her with “what if” questions about her boyfriend cheating on her and such. These best friends are the people who the bride or the groom confided their problems to and they are most likely the people who advised the couple to work things out and fix their relationship in times of big fights.
  1. Exchange of winks among friends. You might wonder if these winks means something horrible or what. These winks are evident in the groom’s group of friends and we might not know, these young lads are already betting as to how many hours these future newlyweds will likely spend to their hotel. These winks are mostly followed by cute giggles among the ladies which will make the bride and groom blush.
  1. Busy cameraman and recording staff. These people deserve a clap because while the guests are very emotional on the said event, they silently crawl, tiptoe, and run just to capture the best expression on the very special day. They are the one who are responsible for the best kissing shots of the couples or of the giggling guests.

Romantic as it seems, a Tahiti wedding is a dream worth drooling for and it is never easy to prepare for a successful event. All of the staffs hired for the said preparation deserve a round of applause for a job well done.

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