Which Is Better – Timber or Laminate Flooring?

Timber flooring and laminate flooring are hard to choose from. However, there are reasons that can make one try to figure out which one to have, hence, looking at each of them would easily assist one in decision making. One can get very tired with their old rugged carpet in the house, and therefore starts considering changing their house floor. The information on both materials would be very handy for them. The good thing about the two floors is that they both appear shiny and modernized. There are some questions that one needs to answer before deciding on the two. How many people stay regularly in your house? Which specific areas of your house do you need the flooring to be done? What are your preferred colors? What’s on your floor currently? And lastly, what budget do you have? Answers to this questions will slowly lead to the type material of your preference.

Timber Floor

Has few types of timber to choose from. The types of timber used for flooring are known and have remained the same for a long time, nothing new. No new type of tree has been discovered yet. Therefore when using timber flooring you have a limitation of making choices.

Timber might never have the same coloring and texture. Being natural, the chances of getting wood with the same color and texture is almost nil, therefore, one cannot go for a certain specification of color.

Timber flooring are not easy to lay. They need experts to do so and costs money as compared to the laminate. There is also a risk of warping when building wooden floors, this means that one should be very careful to avoid this by exposing timber to the house humidity for a few days.

Chances of getting an old timber flooring during renovation are higher, and since they are long lasting, all that one needs is to revive the look and they are ready to go. The timber flooring Perth is expensive but extremely long lasting. It can stay for over thirty years compared to laminate which needs frequent replacement.

Laminate Floor

Laminated Flooring (Engineered Timber Floor), is easy to install due to the fix together system that they have. But the floor can get noisy. Laminated flooring does not easily suffer from dents and other ugly marks as compared to timber. It’s easy to clean, with very little water and a piece of rug.

The decision of making a choice between laminate and timber flooring belongs to an individual. One would need to have a careful analysis of the few pros and cons stipulated above and come up with an answer that suits their situation well. The bottom line hear being that you are dealing with two kind of materials, the first one being natural, and the second one being technically engineered. The choice would also be made by considering things like the durability of the material, how long one could use the house etc. For example if one is buying a house the selection may not be the same as the one who is constructing themselves.

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